Representing High Net Worth Clients In Divorce Actions

From who gets custody of the children to what to do with a family home, in any divorce, there are many important issues that must be sorted out and decided. For couples with a considerable amount of assets, divorced-related issues tend to be more numerous and complex. Consequently, spouses who are involved in high-asset divorces are also more vulnerable to suffering significant financial losses when mistakes are made during the divorce process.

At Merrill PA, we provide the personalized attention and attention to detail that individuals involved in high net worth divorces need to ensure their interests are protected. Our lawyers are experienced in discovering and valuing the most complex types of assets, including:

  • Business interests and assets
  • Stocks and investments
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate
  • Art and other valuable collections

Uncovering Hidden Assets

During a divorce proceeding, both spouses are required to provide a detailed list of any and all marital assets and debts. Unfortunately, some spouses take action to intentionally hide assets in the hopes that they will be overlooked and therefore not included in a divorce settlement.

It's likely no surprise that hidden assets are more common in divorces involving individuals with high net worth. Some of the common tactics employed by spouses who try to conceal assets include:

  • Secret bank and investment accounts
  • Gifts or loans to family members or friends
  • Purchase of expensive art or other collectibles
  • Delay of promotion or bonus
  • Fraudulent business payroll or other accounting practices

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